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Despite the rise of new technologies, email marketing remains as strong as ever delivering an astounding 3800% ROI (according to Campaign Monitors 2019 report), that’s about four times higher than any other platform. But email marketing is about so much more than ROI.  Tracey Stapleton, founder, The Spa PR Company, explains.

While you may already have a comprehensive database, it’s important to keep adding to this as there is always a natural fall out of contacts, with changes in addresses and circumstances, and unsubscribes. 

Here are five things you can do now to grow yours.

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  1. Install a pop-up

Adding a well-designed and thoughtfully implemented pop-up to the home page of your website is a fantastic way to attract opt-ins to your database. However, rather than asking visitors to sign up to your newsletter, make them an offer they can’t refuse.  This could be a new customer discount, a limited time offer or some useful information to download such as a spa or wedding brochure, events schedule or recipe cards.  Also think about when and how your pop-up appears.  Timing is important as you don’t want to shock your visitor with a pop-up on your page too soon but equally, you don’t want them to leave before it appears.  Study your website analytics to check the best time for your site.  Remember that your pop-up should enhance the visitor’s experience so consider where it appears.  This could be front of screen or to the bottom or right of the screen for a more subtle option.

  • Run a poll

Convert your social media followers into subscribers by running regular polls.  For example, post a beautiful picture of a plate of food from your menu and ask them a simple question such as ‘Is delicious food an important part of your hotel stay?  Yes or No’.  The key here is to then respond to each person who said ‘yes’ and direct them to the sign up page on your website where there’s a foodie short break offer.

  • Place a media promotion

One of the quickest ways to grow your database by thousands sometimes, is to offer a hotel stay prize to a newspaper, magazine or website.  While some media charge for data capture, there are still some outlets where you can obtain this for free and, when there is a charge, it can prove good value for the spend.  A recent client competition we ran with the Telegraph resulted in over 4,000 opt-ins.  Do bear in mind that you need to offer an attractive prize to bring in the numbers.

  • Find a partner

Your prospective customers will already have relationships with other brands and these offer great opportunities for you to reach a new audience.  Find non-competing brands which share your goals and values so you can benefit each other. This might be you swapping prizes to offer to your databases including a link to each other’s websites; co-hosting an event; or putting a special package or rate together for their subscribers. 

  • Add a PS

In every email, the two main areas of attraction are the start of the email and the end.  So adding a PS to your email footer is a great hook for getting your recipient to take a specific action.  This could be a URL link that when they click on it, it takes them directly to your website sign-up page.  Alternatively, for a new subscriber, try asking them to ‘share your news with a friend’, perhaps offering an additional benefit as an incentive.


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