TOP TIPS: 5 ways to save on energy


1. Adjust your hot your water and heating to optimum temperatures
Make yourself aware of the guidelines for hot water and room temperatures which ensure the most comfort for guests, and adjust your systems accordingly. For example the optimum temperature for stored hot water is 60°C, guest bathrooms should be heated to 26-27°C, and the recommended bedroom temperature for a comfortable night’s sleep is 19-21°C

2. Turn off catering equipment when not in use, and switch on at the right time
Most modern catering equipment reaches its optimum temperature quickly so educate staff to switch on only when needed, and to always switch off or turn down appliances when not in use. Raising awareness amongst kitchen staff could reduce catering energy use by up to 30%

3. Update your lighting and use energy-efficient bulbs
Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL) use 75% less energy and LEDs use up to 80% less. Recent npower research has also shown that nearly 30% of people in the UK have left a restaurant or bar because of too dim or too bright lighting, so ensuring your business is well lit is also important for attracting and retaining customers

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4. Look after your boiler and appliances
Heating can account for more than 40% of energy use, and a well looked after boiler could potentially save 5% on your annual heating costs. Additionally, keep refrigerators and freezers well maintained to prolong their life and reduce energy use.

5. Take care of your air conditioning
Regular cleaning of ventilation systems can increase efficiency by as much as 25%. Hotels also often let heating and cooling systems operate at the same time which increases energy use. This can be avoided by setting a temperature ‘dead band’ – a wide gap between the temperatures at which heating and cooling cut in.

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