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First impressions are everything when you step into a hotel room, you don’t need us to tell you that. While the look and feel take priority, ignore the importance of scent and the opportunity to impress, and you could be missing a trick. Jane Steel, executive housekeeper at Luton Hoo Hotel, shares her top tips for choosing the right scent for your hotel.

  •  Choose a supplier that reflects your own brand values

The products you use in your hotel rooms and bathrooms should match the standards and style of the hotel itself. As a five-star hotel, Luton Hoo provides guests with a luxury experience which has to be consistent throughout every aspect of a guest’s stay. A lot of special moments are created at Luton Hoo and often when fragrances are smelt elsewhere by guests after their stay, it brings back these happy memories. We use Molton Brown fragrances and they definitely enhance the overall experience.

  • Do your research and test in advance

Even when you’ve been using the same supplier for years and know the fragrances well, it’s always worth carrying out a testing in the hotel before placing an order. We change fragrances twice a year and I invite our Molton Brown rep to bring along six or seven different scents that I think might be suitable. Myself and my team of housekeepers will then smell each fragrance and rate it on a scale of 1-5, tot up the scores and then make a decision – this way it’s not just one person’s opinion and you’re experiencing the fragrance in the same setting that your guests will.

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  • Choose scents that match the seasons

There’s no such thing as one scent fits all and what’s perfect in winter may be too rich in summer. I like to take inspiration from the seasons and what our guests might be doing during the day, so in the summer I typically choose a light and fresh scent, and with lots of weddings taking place during the warmer months I like fragrances to be sweet and romantic for our brides.

In winter months I might go for a deeper, more indulgent fragrance to be used after a walk in our grounds on a frosty day. We’ve just switched to our winter scent for 2016/2017 after a testing session with Molton Brown, we’ll be using Pink Pepperpod which has a really nice warming feeling for winter.

  • Take appearances into account

While a beautiful smelling product is essential, the look of the product is important too and the bottles and branding are taken into consideration when choosing our toiletries. A lot of time and effort has gone into the decoration and furnishing of our rooms to preserve and restore the original ambience of the period building so we need all elements to complement each other aesthetically.


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