TOP TIPS: Create musical harmony in your dining room


James Luck, commercial director at soundjack, a background music service that helps brands boost their revenues and engage customers, shares his top tips on how restaurants, can create the right ‘feel’ through music.

  1. Define your music identity.

Ask yourself: “What do I want my venue’s music to say about my brand?” This will help you distinguish which genre of music is right for you, to portray the correct identity.

  1. Delve into your customer personas.

Create your ideal customer, and define their musical preferences. Are you targeting the after-work or weekend evening crowd? Tap into trendy, feel-good tunes that encourage a relaxed, friendly atmosphere and helps them to forget about their office commitments.

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  1. Be objective.

Unfortunately, it’s not all about you. Don’t play what you want to hear, but what you believe will inspire and excite your customers.

  1. Make your sound exclusive.

Review the chart hits, album tracks and upcoming artists to include a mixture of well-known and unknown songs in your playlists. This will position your brand as keeping its finger on the pulse when it comes to your audience’s interests.

  1. Listen to your customers.

Remember: “the customer is always right” and their feedback is important. Listen to their comments, and make changes to suit. Your clientele may also change during different times of the day, it’s imperative to build the profile to the mood you want to project in that moment of the day or week – something else to bear in mind when it comes to tailoring your tunes.

Added to this, you’ll need to ensure you get the volume right. By having different control of different zones will ensure areas aren’t too loud or are loud enough for the moment.

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