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Wellness is currently more popular than ever, with wellness tourism proving itself to be the fastest growing sector in travel and the wellness industry currently being valued at $4.2 trillion. Plenty of hotels have excellent wellness facilities on site but struggle to see the footfall in the spa that they were hoping for. Kevin Benitez Garcia, marketing manager of Gran Canaria Wellness, argues that guests often need encouragement and incentives to tap into a hotel’s wellness offering.

Introduce guests to the spa

It sounds simple, but often hotel guests do not venture into the wellness areas if they are unsure whether they are permitted. At Gran Canaria Wellness, we have typically found that guests are hesitant to visit the spa unless they know what to expect when they reach the spa reception and if their booking grants them access to the spa. It may be worth putting a personalised invitation in guests’ bedrooms to make it completely clear where the spa is, when it is open and what will be available for them to use when they get there. Wellness should be accessible to everyone, but hotel spas can feel hidden away and reserved for elite guests only. Giving guests a warm, friendly introduction is essential.

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Give them something they can’t resist

Give spa-curious guests the encouragement they need by offering them a free taster treatment which could be as simple as a 15 minute mini facial. Once guests are in the spa for their free treatment, they are likely to spend on other things such as products and extra treatments. They could even be given the option to upgrade their treatment with simple add-ons that are easy to purchase. For instance, for a set fee they could upgrade to make their treatment 60 minutes long.

Target popular areas

If your hotel’s guests aren’t visiting the spa, then pinpoint where they are and visit them. For instance, at Gran Canaria Wellness our most popular areas are the outdoor pools. Why not send a friendly, enthusiastic spa therapist around your hotel’s popular area with information on the spa and wellness offerings? They could even hand deliver a wellness-boosting smoothie or juice to really catch guests’ attention and get conversations started.

Provide spa experts

Highlight the wellness expertise of your spa team by positioning them somewhere focal in your hotel. By arranging a pop-up, for instance the ‘sunburn clinic’ or the ‘perfect posture pop-up’, guests can receive free advice and expertise from your therapists. Once therapists have advised guests, they will be able to recommend appropriate treatments and products that are available from the spa.”

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