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Mark Styles, managing director, Thomann-Hanry, the scaffold-free exterior cleaning and restoration experts, offers his top tips on why the presentation of the exterior of a boutique hotel is as important as its interior.

1. First impressions count. You want your guests to enjoy their experience with you from the moment they arrive on your doorstep. Literally. If they’re happy with the condition on the outside, they’ll be feeling positive about your hotel as soon as they step into your reception. A good start to any stay.

2. Premium room rate. If your hotel looks spick and span on the outside potential clients will be prepared to pay more for the room they stay in. Really. A clean exterior maximises your profit potential in an instant.

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3. Curb appeal. For potential customers who may walk past your hotel on a daily basis a smart exterior makes you stand out and be noticed – for all the right reasons. When local residents are next vouching for a local hotel it’ll be yours as oppose to your competitors that’ll get the recommendation.

4. Do your research. Scaffold can be unsightly, slow down business and provide an unwelcome security risk. If you are going to have an exterior clean do your research. A company that can undertake a clean without the use of scaffold will minimise any disruption to business while the work is going on and take away the huge inconvenience of scaffold.

5. Guest satisfaction. For complete customer satisfaction quality needs to ooze from inside and out. A clean exterior and a tidy welcome is a must.

6. Customer confidence. If you look good on the outside then you install faith in your customers from the outset. They’ll trust you.

7. Marketing. If your building looks great on the outside then it’ll show up well on your website and any PR or marketing that you undertake surrounding the hotel. Maximise this further by taking any pictures in a complimentary season, such as late spring, and ensure the skies are blue, even if it means using a touch of designer magic to ensure this.

8. Entice better staff. If you look like a smart place to work you’ll invariably encourage the best local staff to come and work for you – staff who are proud of where they work and what they do. And good morale in the work place makes for happier customers and better business.

9. Avoid loss of revenue and passing trade of other facilities at your hotel such as the bar, restaurant, coffee shop. If you undertake an exterior clean and scaffold your hotel you can lose a significant amount of passing every day trade. Not good for the profit line. 

10. Be proud. As owner or general manager of your boutique hotel be proud of your business. A hotel with a clean and tidy exterior is something to make you proud every time you walk into the building.

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