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Come rain or shine, the demand for wine shows no sign of slowing. To make sure you are riding on its wave of popularity, we speak to two top wine experts to get their advice on upselling, cross-selling and educating your core customer base.

We tapped into the knowledge of two top wine experts, to help you get to grips with successful wine selling.

Miles MacInnes, director of sales and marketing, Jascots Wine Merchants says: “The consumers have ALL the answers – you only need to ask the right questions. You should never try to sell somebody a wine that they don’t want, the skill is asking the right questions, understanding your guest and recommending something that they DO want and will enjoy. This is rewarding on so many levels for you and your guest – not just the bottom line.”

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Adam Pawlowski, master sommelier, Northcote says: “Sommeliers tend to think that they are artists but the fact is that first of all they are sellers. Salesmanship is a great thing and there are few tricks that one can apply in order to upsell. Hard sell is definitely not what I am in to.

• I tend to offer wines at three different price ranges which means that I suggest the more expensive option without pushing it.

• People usually think that a large glass of wine is 250ml and they more likely to go for a small one instead. I call a “large glass” of wine a “regular glass” which helps me to sell more of the big ones only by naming it differently.

• We recommend wines by the glass to go with specific dishes on the lunch and dinner menus which helps us to sell better and slightly more expensive wines that go perfectly with food.

• Our selection of dessert wines is an integral part of the dessert menu and we recommend some dessert wines by the glass with specific puddings.
Ultimately it’s about being honest, knowing your stuff and listening to your customers.”

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