TOP TIPS: Preparing for the return of your guests

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HotelFriend brings together relevant and practical guidelines and general recommendations from the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control to help hoteliers meet new requirements and prepare for the return of guests.

To start with, telecommuting is a convenient way to run a business. Hotel managers can keep everything under control from any device, and there is no need for them to be present in the hotel. This solution allows conducting business while reducing personal contact of customers and staff.

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1. Using Automated Cloud Technologies as a Preventive Measure

By introducing mobile check-ins and check-outs and implementing contactless payment via smartphone. By offering an opportunity to order anything via a mobile special app and meeting guest’s needs via direct chat, as well as keeping your guests informed with Digital Information System.

2. Creating or Updating Your Crisis Communications Plan 

When an emergency occurs, communication strategies become more important than ever. The business should be able to respond rapidly and unhesitatingly while facing any unexpected event. To be prepared for that, hoteliers need to create and constantly update their crisis communications plans.

3. Providing Special Training for Staff

Regular cleaning and disinfection of the surfaces are vital to help combat the spread of viruses.

Some of the main recommendations are:

● Educate your staff on how to clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces.
● Monitor the condition of air-conditioning filters and the proper functioning of ventilation, air exchange, and dehumidification equipment.

● Insist on the importance of washing hands frequently with soap and warm water.
● Insist on the importance and obligation of following the respiratory etiquette.
● Implement targeted measures to ensure maintaining social distancing in the areas where customers and staff tend to gather for prolonged periods of time.
● If maintaining social distancing cannot be properly controlled, consider using barrier methods of protection such as the use of plastic teller panels.

● Train your staff to listen at the door for signs of coughing before entering the guest’s room.

Adopt HotelFriend Digitization Package as it includes a number of tools that will help you maintain social distancing and adjust your hotel to new requirements:

1. Marketplace – commission-free room booking.
2. Voucher sales – immediate revenue generation. 
3. Cloud-based hotel software – every employee can work remotely, including a home office.
4. Information app – everything you need to know about the hotel.
5. Service order app – social distancing is achieved with any customer orders.

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