TOP TIPS: What do I need to consider when choosing a new software provider?

Trybe founders Steve Porter, Will Taylor-Jackson, Ricky Daniels

Once clunky, complicated and costly, software for hotel and spa operators has now come of age. We talk to Ricky Daniels, co-founder of Trybe, the pioneering next generation of spa and leisure software which sheds restrictive servers, expensive licence fees and time intensive training, to be replaced with a lighter, healthier for business, cloud based system.

  1. Global accessibility

Previously software has involved having a server and being stuck on premise keeping teams glued to computers. The next generation of software is much more agile as it’s fully cloud based. This means you can access your bookings from anywhere in the world.

  • One fixed cost

Look for a provider that offers you unlimited users across any device all for one fixed monthly price. There’s no longer a need for large upfront set-up costs and multiple license fees.

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  • Updates while you work

New functionality automatically updates on a daily basis behind the scenes enabling you to continue with your business seamlessly.

  • Online bookings

There’s no need for your team to spend hours manually taking bookings. Today’s systems enable your customers to make their bookings online, pre-pay and book directly into live availability.

  • Group friendly

If you have a group of hotels then choose software that hosts all of your sites in one group system. Then to access, simply click between the sites.  This makes reporting and group management so much easier.

  • Open API

Traditionally software was closed off which meant that business was made more difficult marrying up your other software providers. Today’s software is open and fully integrated thereby improving your operational efficiency.

  • Fluid data control

Reporting should be easy so avoid software where data is locked to the system. Instead opt for software which enables you to download your data or reporting straight to CSV, giving you further control.

  • Easy Management

Spa and leisure software doesn’t need to be complicated.  Choose software that is easy to access for all and a provider that is an extension of your team and will help you through the whole process.

*Pictured: Trybe founders Steve Porter, Will Taylor-Jackson, Ricky Daniels

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