Top trends: Kimpton names food fashions to follow in 2019


Hotel brand, Kimpton, has released its culinary trends forecast which predicts what ingredients and flavours will be used by chefs in the year ahead.

Meatless entrées, smoky spices and superfoods are among the up-and-coming food trends that the hospitality industry can look forward to, with sustainability, wellness and diversity being central to menu alterations.

Vegetables are set to replace carbohydrates with alternatives like cauliflower gnocchi, yuba pasta and pizza crust made from chickpeas and polenta. Although, this does not mean that meat will be off the menu, as more offal-based dishes are likely to be introduced, such as monkfish liver mousse, trippa on bruschetta and offal and sausage arancini.

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According to Kimpton, chefs will continue to adopt sustainable approaches to dining with zero-waste dinners, single-origin and hyperlocal sourcing of produce, and onsite greenhouses and composting.

Scott Gingerich, Kimpton’s senior vice president of restaurants and bars, said: “It’s remarkable to see the year-over-year evolution of these major dining trends and the role wellness, culture and human connection continues to play in the dining experience.”

“I’m proud to work with creative, boundary-pushing chefs and bartenders who surprise us with new flavour combinations, unexpected ingredients and innovative ways to incorporate sustainability into everything we do.”

Unique flavourings will also be at the forefront of 2019, with the prominence of South African herb rooibos and berbere, an aromatic spice found in Ethiopian dishes. Japanese ingredients such as lovage and togarashi will also be seen more frequently.

Popular ingredients will also include turmeric, sage, rose water and goji berries, as well as probiotic-rich ingredients like sauerkraut and tapache.

The trends stem from a survey of over 100 industry professionals from over 80 Kimpton restaurant and bars.

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