TOP TRENDS: The tea trends to keep guests supping


Marco Geraghty, National Tea Day founder, defines three tea trends that will impact the hospitality sector this year.

Wellness teas:

The landscape of the nation’s favourite drink is set to change for good as the health conscious millennials exercise their generational differences and ditch the traditional breakfast brew in favour of wellness teas with added health benefits.

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80% of tea brands cite wellness as a trend driving their sales forward. With more and more consumers searching for teas that give them specific health benefits. What previously was a specialist drink, is now becoming a go to tea type. 


Consumers are very environmentally conscious, searching sustainable and ethically sourced products. Brands and outlets need to get on board with this if they want to keep up with the market and stay relevant.

More brands are moving to plastic-free products and are talking more about their sourcing and ethics. Consumers are switching to family owned and local brands as consumers want to support local and reduce carbon footprint.

This is reflected as consumers examine the entire supply chain – from where a product is packaged, to provenance of tea gardens and even studying what a brand is up to in the local market. 

Tea Experiences

The tea occasion has changed, from that of indulgence and gluttony to one of sensuality and mindfulness, and outlets should bear this in mind when considering how to boost sales in 2019. 

Consumers are looking for a sensory experience that is beyond taste.

A prominent trend in London’s culinary scene is the emergence of tea paring menus, as you would pair wine with different dishes. 

Immersive afternoon tea experiences along with modernist tea and food pairings are going to become more popular and attract new customers.

Trendsetting Michelin Star French restaurant Club Gascon in Farringdon is an early adopter and is already seeing great success with their six course tea pairing menu, particularly with those looking to embrace the alcohol free lunch option. 

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