Tradelinens Sleep Panel: Experts discuss ways to improve sleep quality in 2022

tradelinens sleep panel

Luxury linen supplier Tradelinens assembled a panel of experts to discuss how we can all get a better night’s sleep.

Our sleeping habits can have a huge impact on our general wellbeing – with 2021 being another challenging year, leading luxury linen supplier, Tradelinens, through its consumer facing arm Tielle Love Luxury, wanted to see how they could help to improve sleep routines in 2022.

The company collaborated with leading figures from the worlds of wellbeing, lifestyle and design to create its first expert Sleep Panel, encompassing a 360-degree approach focussed on restoring the nation’s quality of sleep.

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Featuring Dr. Kat Lederle as resident sleep specialist, Ben Spriggs, Editor in Chief at ELLE Decoration as lifestyle and interiors expert, Amy Heffernan, former Interiors Director at Wallpaper as design wellbeing inspiration, Jessica Black, Director of Purchasing at Firmdale Hotels PLC as industry specialist and Robert Lancaster-Gaye, Co-Founder of Tradelinens, the panel began by exploring the importance of sleep to our overall health and wellbeing.

They discussed the many factors involved with getting quality sleep, from physical and mental health reasons to room temperature and décor. They may not have all the answers to the nation’s sleeping problems, but the findings below can make a difference.

Clear the mind

The Covid-19 lockdown resulted in millions of people spending an increased amount of time in their homes, resulting in a massive uptick in electronic device usage.

The increased exposure to the blue light of screens negatively impacted sleep quality and increased symptoms of insomnia.

The panel discussed simple best practice to break these evening habits such as the importance of screen time regulation to avoid stress and overstimulation before bed.

They also looked at the impact of unhealthy daytime habits and lifestyle choices on sleep quality.

Find the right bedroom design

Naturally, the design of the bedroom is crucial in getting consistent sleep. Creating a bedroom environment that is conducive to falling asleep and staying asleep is a key part of sleep hygiene, which can enable quality rest night after night.
According to Ben Spriggs, cultivating a relaxing ambience for sleep involves both visual design and practical setup, including lighting, sound and smell.

Together with Amy Heffernan, Spriggs talked about more and more fashion brands moving into the homewares space and how the significance of colour, a usable and appealing layout and creating a feeling of home can impact sleep.

Jessica Black believed this is equally important in a hotel bedroom setting, making the sleep environment a bastion of physical and mental relaxation that has as few distractions or potential sleep disruptions as possible.

She pays particular attention to the lighting and ensuring the bedroom temperature is comfortable, as well as providing comfortable, quality bedlinen that will last.

Opt for the best bedlinen

Led by Robert Lancaster-Gaye, the team discussed the importance of getting the right bedding not only in terms of quality, style and comfort but also sustainability, as hotel owners and guests have become more aware of their impact on the environment since the pandemic.

The team discussed how businesses can start by making a few small changes that will go towards making a big difference to the planet.

Both Tradelinens and Tielle Love Luxury are committed to environmental and socially responsible production.

Their Suprelle Tencel ECO Fresh Pillow, for example, helps save 80 million plastic bottles annually from going to landfill while offering a great night’s sleep.

The Sleep Panel will be contributing to a series of blogs and articles throughout 2022. To find out more, please visit

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