UK’s first ‘Cryo Sauna’ to be launched at Manchester’s Ainscow Hotel


The Ainscow Hotel & Spa has become home to Manchester’s only Cryotherapy spa and is now said to be the first hotel in the country to be able to offer whole body cryotherapy, with the inclusion of a ‘Cryotherapy sauna’.

Cryotherapy provides natural non-invasive face and body lifts, inch loss and general skin improvements, using the latest in freezing technology. The frozen liquid nitrogen treatments trigger a reaction on the body to produce an array of results, from wrinkle reduction and muscle repair to lessening acne and easing migraines.

Popular in sports and physiotherapy, as well as the beauty industry, celebrities including Jennifer Aniston, Kate Moss and Demi Moore are huge fans of cryotherapy.

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Paul Wadsworth, general manager, The Ainscow Hotel & Spa says: “We’re really pleased to be able to offer the full Cryotherapy range of treatments at The Ainscow. The Cryo sauna is a great addition for our guests, as well as local users of the spa.”

The Ainscow Hotel and Spa is home to 62 bedrooms, its Lynwood Restaurant  plus the popular spa.

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