US hotelier loses battle with pop star Katy Perry for boutique hotel at former convent


A US restaurateur has lost a battle to transform a former convent in LA into a new boutique hotel, after pop star Katy Perry won the rights to convert the property into her next home.

Dana Hollister struck a $15.5m deal last year to turn the 22,000 sq ft mansion in Downtown Los Angeles into a boutique hotel, but church officials, the Roman Catholic archbishop of LA and the archdiocese, has since made their own agreement to sell the property to Perry for $14.5m.

The deal has caused major controversy with five elderly nuns who used to live at the convent and claimed they were the ones with the rights to sell the building, a claim that has since been overruled by a judge at the Los Angeles superior court.

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Just over two weeks ago, the singer and the archdiocese appeared to have won a victory when the judge ruled that the church officials had the right to sell the property rather than the sisters.

A motion has since been filed by lawyers for Sister Rita Callanan and Sister Catherine Rose Holzman, who object to the project on financial grounds after Hollister offered more money than Perry.

The pop star, whose songs include I Kissed a Girl, even performed a private gospel session for the sisters in a bid to change their minds, but Sister Rita has since been quoted by the Los Angeles Times as saying: “I wasn’t happy with any of it”.

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