What hoteliers can learn from the trends emerging in Las Vegas casinos

Las Vegas

The Las Vegas love affair with gambling dates back to the late 19th century and early 20th century, in the days of the California gold rush. Explorers and seekers were trying to make their fortune and started gambling, but the authorities cracked down on it. Some players took their chances and played at underground casinos.

It wasn’t until the 1930s and the construction of the Hoover Dam that gambling became legal again. Following the success of the first hotel casino, built by businessman Tommy Hull, many more hotel casinos started to spring up. Then in the 1970s, Las Vegas went one further and started transforming hotel casinos into resorts. The city was on its way to becoming the most glamorous in the world.

An international hit

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This glitzy city knows how to put on a show for its visitors. Some tourists will travel all the way to the gambling capital of the world purely to play at one of its casinos and tick the experience of their bucket list. The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority reported this year that more than 42.5 million flocked to the city in 2019. Visitors certainly aren’t short of somewhere to stay, whether they’re in the city to gamble or attend a convention. The city offers some lavish casino hotels:

Caesars Palace

It wouldn’t be Vegas without Caesars Palace. Visitors can lounge by the outdoor pool during the day and then head over to the casino at night for further leisure, relaxation and a touch of excitement, of course. While staying at the hotel, they can shop at The Forum, which is also known as the ‘Shopping Wonder of the World’ or see some of the world’s finest musicians at The Colosseum.

The Venetian

You know a hotel is luxurious when you see it has its own gondola. The Venetian is another big name on the Las Vegas hotel and casino scene. This hotel and its sister hotel The Palazzo spoil its guests with glorious views of the Strip and, naturally, are just a few steps away from the casino. With King suites, Queen suites, an Executive suite, Presidential suite and Penthouse one, a comfortable stay is a certainty.

MGM Grand Hotel and Casino

Just like The Venetian and the Palazzo, the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino spoils guests with a view of the Strip in all its glory. One of the highlights of this hotel’s accommodation offering is the Skyloft, which is right up at the top of the hotel and has won a AAA Five Diamond Award and a Forbes Five Star Award.

Popularity of online gambling

Of course, you don’t always have to go to Vegas every time you want to experience the thrill of a casino, as amazing as the location is.

However, now casino games are more accessible than ever. The beauty of the internet is that you can gamble in the comfort of your own living room. You can place bets. You can play safely. You can try different games. You can practise and not spend a dime until you feel confident enough to start betting. Casino online games have gradually become popular, having drawn inspiration from land-based casinos and offered an alternative to playing in establishments, providing users the opportunity to play whenever and wherever.

Mobile gaming, particularly, has become more popular. One of the reasons for this surge in popularity has been a change in attitudes towards online gaming. Before, it was seen as a vice, whereas now people consider it more of a leisure activity.

The future of gambling in Vegas

Who knows what the future holds for gambling in Las Vegas?

It is known that thousands of people travel to Vegas every year to get a taste of the glamourous lifestyle and visit some of the world’s famous hotel casinos. With a large array of casinos to choose from and a large number of tourists, it is expected that gambling will not be leaving the city anytime soon.

However, in spite of this appetite for gambling, some experts have predicted that Vegas will see more properties emerge in the region, but not necessarily casinos. This doesn’t mean casinos have had their day. Not in the slightest. Instead, casinos may focus more on services such as catering or entertainment to draw in guests and get them spending. Right now, they’re trying to tap into more of the impulsive choices that guests make while they’re at the casino or hotel (or are in Vegas, in general).

Economists have noted that guests are willing to spend more on accommodation but a little less on gambling. The price of real estate is escalating, reaching figures not far off $50 million an acre, which means businesses must explore how they can make the most of real estate. As Vegas grows and expands with all the new businesses, it looks set to become more expensive and, by extension, more glamorous.

Sport is one area in the region that’s growing. One reason is the move of the Oakland Raiders to their new stadium in Vegas. Fans of the team will take the chance to enjoy a mini holiday in the city while they follow their team.

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