Younger generation more willing to dig deep for trendy cocktails that impress on Instagram


Young British drinkers are digging deep to pay for £15 cocktails, but they must look great, be served superbly, contain the latest must have ingredients and generate a barrage of attention on social media, according to a new studyby premium soft drink, tonic and mixer brand, Franklin & Sons.

Customers are now so discerning when it comes to selecting their favourite tipples, that the survey, conducted with more than 1,000 UK adults – including hundreds of under 35s – has found that Gen Z-ers in particular (the name given to those born since 1995) are four times as likely to spend up to £15 on a single cocktail in a restaurant, pub or bar than their older counterparts.

It’s not just alcoholic drinks that younger drinkers are demanding excellence in, either, with almost half (46%) of the under 35s surveyed saying they would be likely to order a mocktail on a night out on the town, compared with just a sixth (16%) of over 35s.

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Irrespective of whether alcohol is involved, the Franklin & Sons’ study found that the perfect drink should also be delivered through top quality service, with the drinking experience at the venue just as important as the drink itself, and should include on-trend ingredients such as lavender or matcha, and herbal ice cubes.

This perfect drink should also attract an average of 74 ‘likes’ once posted on Instagram, although this varies widely across the country.

Jen Draper, head of marketing at Franklin & Sons, says: “We are seeing a definite shift in the way people drink – the previous norm of a few pints on a night out is clearly becoming a thing of the past, with the younger generations willing to spend more for their perfect serve – drinks with premium, on-trend ingredients, delivered through exceptional service. This is now the benchmark for an ideal night out among the younger generations – irrespective of whether they are drinking alcohol or not.”

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