Hi-speed washer offers big tax breaks for operators


Hoteliers purchasing new Girbau HS 6 Series high speed washers can benefit from 100% tax relief under the Government’s Enhanced Capital Allowance Scheme (ECA).

Because of the machines’ water efficiencies, they have been granted approval by the Water Technology List (WTL) for the ECA scheme.

The scheme was set up by the Government to encourage businesses to invest in new equipment that uses less water.

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The Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) lets businesses write off 100% of the cost of purchasing a new Girbau WTL-approved washer against taxable profits in the year of purchase.

Only machines on the approved WTL list qualify and the tax relief is only available for the purchase of new machines.

For washers up to 15kg in capacity, the maximum water usage per kg permitted is 9.4 litres.

Girbau’s HS-6008 washer uses a maximum of just 7.8 litres per kg while the larger HS-6057 machines use only 7.0 litres, making them some of the most water-efficient washers available today.

Using less water also makes the machines more energy efficient and reduces the use of detergents by precisely controlling and dosing chemicals.

Girbau washers are listed on the Government’s DEFRA website for the Water Technology List. 


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