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In January of 2019, Wedding Dates polled 1,200 engaged individuals all over the UK about their wedding plans. This was the second time undertaking this research in the UK, having previously surveyed this audience in late 2017 and has provided us with a fantastic benchmark and wealth of insights.

  • May and August are the most popular months to get married
  • Saturday remains the most popular day to wed followed by Friday.
  • Civil Ceremonies in a venue are still the most popular (54%) but there is a rise in outdoor weddings and other less formal nuptials. Church weddings account for less than 1 in 4.
  • New this year, we asked how much they were paying per head. One third will spend less than £50 with a further quarter spending £50-65 per head. Despite how much they spend, they still believe quality to be more important than cost when choosing a venue.
  • When it comes to budget, unsurprisingly Venues still emerged as the #1 spot. Couples rank Dress & Suits as #2 when allocating budget and Photos & Video as #4, so the aesthetics of the day are highly important to this wedding generation. Food & Drink comes in at #3.
  • While one quarter of all Weddings still take place in hotels, this is a 9% drop on 2017. Yet Hotels, Country Houses & Exclusive Use Venues are collectively still the most popular in the UK. Trends are emerging like the rise of the Barn Wedding, now taking 14% share. Also, worth noting is the impact of Restaurants/Other Venue types, now accounting for 17% of Wedding Venues.

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